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1895: Cobb and Co. on the job

February 2, 2019


February 1895: Cassidy’s stagecoach, West Coast Road near Otira Gorge. The local service took the brand name ‘Cobb and Co.’ and was well established by this point.

This photo collected as a postcard (or perhaps photographed personally) by the Sir Francis Boileau during a family trip from England. The Knight and his Lady, and 3 children, were visiting New Zealand from 1894-1895 and then on to Australia.

Sir Francis was “a justice of the peace and Deputy Lieutenant for Norfolk and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the Society of Antiquaries.”- ref wiki

Ref. DISCO post about Cobb & Co.

c.12/Feb/1895; You can probably figure it out but have to really squint

Image ref. Boileau family album; National Library of Australia

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