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1939: No-Fault Persecution

April 14, 2019


A post about bullying and how a normal name like ‘Isis’ or ‘Gerry’ can suddenly make a kid the object of persecution.

Here’s history talking through a remarkable parallel shared on a comment thread…

“My old man started school in 1939 in Scotland. His name is Gerard. Or as a lad, Gerry. The bullying he endured was immense reportedly. I know a young girl called Isis now. Lovely kid and she totally owns it now, no shame. I’m not sure if attitudes to geopolitical enemies have changed much these days but despite bullying being such a thing now, i dont think the beatings my Dad endured happen with kids in a similar camp (excuse the pun) today.”- Naani Abercrombie

Perhaps not beatings but there has to be this sort of abuse wherever there are ignorant, ‘Down Regulated’ people. Low IQ types think in proxies, unable to process abstractions. So a symbol gets confused with its object.

Eg. An idea, to such people, doesn’t need to be scientific it just needs to use science jargon and be dressed in a lab coat and have a machine nearby that goes ‘Ping!’

Gerry and Isis suffer abuse not for who they are but because they are identified as human effigies.¹ Stupid people need to signal they are in the ‘in’ or ‘out’ group by attacking symbols before their peers. To do that they must dehumanise Gerry and Isis, treating them as things rather than people.

German Shepherd pup…sorry, not, I mean Alsatian

During the Wars we in New Zealand changed the names of many streets, companies, and people in order to be on the right side of this Muggle Think. German Shepherds became Alsatians, Coburg Place and Coburg Street were renamed to Kitchener Place and Kitchener Street,…

Dresden Piano conjured Germanic quality and precision in musical instruments but the war made this a liability. A swift re-branding to Bristol Piano Company was made during the War.

Wherever there are people who are down-regulated there will be this inevitable form of persecution. Happens all the time.²

image ref. Isis; An old DC superhero made into a pre-Wonder Woman TV show

1 ‘Gerry’ was a nick-name for the German enemy in the way; So being called ‘Gerald’ suddenly became a liability. Simerly, being called Isis during the Obama War on Terror

2 In particular, it happens when the Concrete Cultures (Honour Culture and Slave Culture) come into the mainstream, as we see here in WW2 HC.

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