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1955: Uranium flavoured ice cream

September 9, 2018


The West had this amazing post-war cultural phenomena in the 1950s. Sputnik, Lab Coat Priesthood, Babybooming, electric music, television, domestic consumption boom! Technocratic political staff with new scientificy policy, algebra everywhere- x-This and x-That, revised school curriculum, revised penal codes, revised child psychology, ‘Half Gallon Quarter Acre Pavlova Paradises’ for all.

And, it’s the Atomic Age. Our Rutherford split the atom after all and now we can blow up Pacific atolls and power entire cities. We won WW2, we sold lots of wool, we’re going to buy ice cream for our 5 children..

‘Uranium flavoured ice cream’ was surely right-place-right-time marketing for November 1955!

Ref. Good Old Days NZ

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