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1980: East Coast Bays Buy-election

September 6, 2018


Today in History: East Coast Bays Buy-election, 6 September 1980 (yes, that is the correct Anarchist History spelling).

Triggered by Prime Minister Muldoon sending his buddy to a foreign post, hence vacating this seat on Auckland’s North Shore.

A shock for the ruling National Party: Defeat of their candidate, Don Brash! To the upstart party, Social Credit, no less. The Prime Minister was blamed for this fiasco, especially since he was away on offshore engagements at the time. Specifically, India.

While still overseas, Muldoon’s underlings sprung the ‘Colonel’s Coup’ in an attempt to overthrow their leader. That wasn’t going to work out so well for them when Rob Juggernaut Muldoon got home.

Brash never won a seat but 20yrs later would enter the House as a List MP and lead The National Party. Next, he led the ACT Party. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he were to lead yet another political party by the next election.

note: Interesting case of history repeating. In June 2018 another North Shore electorate (Northcote) was vacated by National but they won it back. In September 2018 the Prime Minister is abroad for a forum with our neighbours.

Image Ref. nzonscreen.com

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