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2008: Voting under the influence

September 2, 2018


Did you know this about New Zealand? Since 2008 election campaigning and voting can now take place simultaneously!

Until very recently we had an institution to separate the sociopathic road show date-rape-drug lolly scramble from the consummation of Election Day. There was to be no voting under the influence!

Firm rules were in place. The most any campaign team could do was offer a lift to the polling place and wear a suggestively coloured flower. All hoardings and advertisements had to cease.

“With the Electoral Commission expecting as many as half of votes to be cast before election day we provide a guide of where, when and how you can get in early.”- ODT

“Advance voting” is the Orwellian euphemism. Really it’s “Prolonged Campaigning” or “Delayed Relinquishment”. What a dream for these hustlers to be able to bang their drums and dazzle the muggles while¬†the are allegedly trying to hear their own inner voices!

It starts 17 days before Election Day. So 17/18 of decision time is under the influence rather than zero. 100% of voting used to have to be politician-free, now it’s 5% of the time.

Who benefits? No single party, just the hustlers that are sociopathic seekers of Group Think/Down-Regulated/Blue-Pilled/Knee-Jerk….which is all of them! This is a strike against the institution that voters be deliberate and sober.

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