April 19, 2019 - The History of New Zealand through a Libertarian Anarchist lens. Please enjoy the ideas and let me know what you think.

New Zealand History

August 31, 2018


Active history writers and researchers I admire…

DISCO- Discover The Delights Of Peeling Back History, Annette Bulovic. Passionate venturer and transmitter of Canterbury History. Inspired me to copy. “In a colourful, rich, historic, piece by piece account, I put together the puzzle of our past – discover the delights of peeling back history.”; Facebook also

History Always Repeats: Remembering New Zealand- Website and Facebook, Darian Zam. Great emphasis and breadth of knowledge on design and everyday Kiwi objects. “One of the original and best sites celebrating memories of New Zealand popular culture, for Boomers, X, and Y.”

History Geek: A Collage of Ephemera, Snapshots, Research and historical misadventure; Lemuel Lyes. A collector and archivist, Lem has given himself knowledge and access to materials you’ve never seen before which he generously and enthusiastically shares with the whole world. Website and Facebook.

Timespanner- Website and Facebook, Lisa Truttman. Specialist in mid-West Auckland History down to fine details. Author, librarian, speaker, and active member of innumerable Nz history societies. Encouraged me to write my first (and only) published article. “a Journey through Avondale/Te Wao, Auckland and New Zealand history

More to come

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