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The Luminaries

October 12, 2018


New Zealand’s next historical drama will be based on The West Coast. Based on the show-runner’s (Andrew Woodhead’s) reputation, it’s going to be heavy on the murder and violent crime within Eleanor Catton’s novel. Based on Eva Green’s reputation it’s going to be eccentrically, beautifully, dysfunctional.
I don’t think I’m going to like it any more than the book it’s based on, The Luminaries. But the quality will certainly be better than the last Kiwi historic film: The Stolen (awful!)
“Catton said that she would insist on the series being produced on the West Coast, as the flora and fauna there are unique.”- wiki
Bit of location work in the bush I suppose. Can’t see Greymouth or Hokitika being useful for period locations though.
“The lead cast members in the BBC drama adaption [sic] of Eleanor Catton’s Man Booker Prize-winning novel The Luminaries have been revealed”
“The six-part adaptation of the story – a Victorian mystery tale set during the New Zealand gold rush”- Radio NZ
I think we’re looking at a cross between Penny Dreadful, Broadchurch, and Black Beauty. That could actually be quite good, hypothetically…
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