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Tom Petty

October 5, 2018


Tom Petty died this week one year ago (2 October 2017.) So, some more Canterbury radio history: C93fm: Reverend Jeremiah G Righteous.

In this clip, the Renegade Radio host from 1997 gives his interpretation of what Petty’s song ‘You don’t know how it feels’ (1994) is getting at. That is, how our fractured lives and media consumption reduced the lived experience of others to factoids and data remote from ourselves rather than elicit empathy or even sympathy.

Somewhere I have another C93fm mention of Tom Petty in a ‘Today in Rock’ file for another day. And am I the only one who thinks he can sing and look a hell of a lot like Bob Dylan? They’ve got the same eyes.

Image ref. telegraph.co.uk

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