April 19, 2019 - The History of New Zealand through a Libertarian Anarchist lens. Please enjoy the ideas and let me know what you think.

2015: Cassidy ‘The Catalist’ Boon

April 4, 2019


November 2015: Canadian Satarist Cassidy Boon took a swing at New Zealand rugby, All Blacks fans no less, the rough and tough, solid-kicking, essence of mainstream Kiwi pretence at having spirit. She made fun of the haka, at the proud Maori warrior challenge…

The Reaction of our Honour Culture? They safe-spaced themselves behind censorship. Fending off hurt feelings against a 20yo Canuck girl hurting their feelings on the internet! On her own blog! They have cleared the shark most highly on this day. Boon has been the catalist for further emasculating and staving off New Zealand Honour Culture’s rise. Wimping out at a foreign girl’s poorly produced video has set the stage for suck back-downs as surrendering the Canterbury Crusaders in 2019.

Mana is now handed over to the censoring bureaucracy to dispense and enforce so it’s gone! All the Australians or English need to do facing their next haka is show a picture of Cassidy Boon on the field. Let it be known the players carry a lock of her hair perhaps?¹ The magic spell is broken this easily. Running crying to mummy censorship IS losing. Facebook beats Boon so Boon beat haka.

Hit a nerve, hit it harder. – Troll Motto

“The video was removed because it violated Facebook’s community standards, the social media site said in a message to those who had complained about the video.”

Looking at Boon’s Youtube channel after the ban showed that she had flooded it with videos making fun of New Zealanders in response to the outrage at her haka video.

When we look back at our recent history this event from 2015 must be recognised as one of the milestones to how we got to where we are today. In Moral Culture terms, a Slave Culture satirist, backed by Victimhood Culture of course, emasculated New Zealand Honour Culture with the greatest of ease. It shows that New Zealand’s national self-esteem is very low and that we are primed to over-react to national emergency by passive means.

1 How do you like that for “black magic,” Viktor Hellman?

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