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Elizabeth McCombs, MHR

September 13, 2018


Today in history.

I’m far less impressed by this ‘trailblazing women’ stuff and widow McCombs is always carted out for an example. In my analysis she simply rode, electorally, on sympathy over the previous (Labour) MP for Lyttleton: Her husband James.

13 September 1933, Elizabeth Reid McCombs became the first woman in New Zealand to be elected to parliament.

Today we’re remembering trailblazing NZ women, like NZ’s 1st woman MP, Elizabeth Reid McCombs

Ref. State Archives New Zealand

If there’s any doubt that the people of Lyttleton roll like that, the same would happen for her son James after the death of Elizabeth. It’s far from unusual in New Zealand for children to inherit political power and position from their dead parents but it does need to be sanctioned by the vote. For example, Norman Kirk would soon take Lyttleton himself and his son, John, became an MP and a criminal after PM Kirk’s death but I repeat myself.

Let’s just talk about people as people shall we? To fuss about celebrating women for being women or Maori for being Maori to show how sexist and racist you ain’t really shows, by induction, how self-conscious about being sexist and racist you really are. Leave it!

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