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Oamaru Courthouse

October 5, 2018


The 1883 Thames St courthouse was closed in late 2011 after being classed as earthquake-prone…A close to $900,000 project to earthquake-strengthen and refurbish the courthouse and its surroundings started in February and was completed this week”- ODT

It’s a good question from a commenter on Facebook…

Why do the regions have to fight so hard with Wellington for common sense services? Oamaru hospital similar situation where it wasn’t until the entire town turned up to protest that it wasn’t closed down. A region with a growing population should have these resources allocated as part of the course of growth, not fighting tooth and nail for them.
 My answer is that The State makes money out of periodical shake-downs of the population to extract money. It’s a more official version of a mugging.

Also, they like not having to pay for things so will terminate services whenever possible and say whatever they need to. The Get Away With Anything card 2011 gave politicians were the magic words ‘Earthquake Risk’. And that year, 2011, was of course when the shake-down started and the court was closed.

Speaking of hospitals that didn’t enjoy Oamrau’s reprieve: Westland and Reefton
Image ref; Shelley Morris; flickr.com; Heritage NZ
Image ref. AT Library
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