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Olly Ohlson

September 15, 2018


Olly Ohlson, presenter of children’s show After School from 1980-1986. It was the show every kid watched during the week when they got home from the government brainwashing pens.

I remember him fondly as a gentle and friendly guy strumming his acoustic guitar and telling we children interesting new things. In my mind the quality of the children’s shows we had back then were so good that I’d still watch Play School, After School, and What Now? today if they were of the sameĀ standard. But this is probably showing great bias.

“Keep cool ’til after school” was the show’s slogan. To the establishment this was probably viewed as sound advice for children to buckle in and focus on their education. To the anarchist it’s a tacit confession that schooling is painful and harmful and that the victim is expected to repress their legitimate suffering.

As I recall, late in Olly’s run a grey puppet named ‘Thingie’ joined him followed by the next man to have the host mantle, Jason Gunn. Olly was eased out of his role and Gunn became a Kiwi huge star with two back-to-back shows. Thingie was his comedic side-kick. Gunn is still around today, talking shallow garbage on easy listening radio stations but even he is getting old now having had a heart attack only last year.

Last time I saw Olly on TV was in a great 2008 documentary about Nz migration called Here To Stay. The part-Maori, part-Scandinavian, was telling stories and sporting an impressive looking walking stick. Although I was glad to see him I was a bit sorry to see what a giant Lefty, Greeny, Victimhood Culture champion he had made of himself in these later years.

Olly says, in a recent article, that his great dream was to create a school of Maori Philosophy. I don’t know if that would be philosophy for brown people or did he mean Savage Honour Culture Ontology or something like that? Either way, I would be interested.

Olly’s Facebook page

Images: The iconic ‘After School’ intro; Olly on the show with Richard, who joined him later in the shows run (that’s according to my memory as a 6yo)

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