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Reuptake of Methamphetamine in the Beehive

September 21, 2018


The New Zealand State has used drugs as a commodity to control the population since The Poisons Administrative Act, 1866. A strong argument could be made that it was from the very start since Hobson and The Treaty occurred against the backdrop of the Opium War. Hobson’s personnel and ships were needed for Britain’s drug war on China and had to get back to work after quickly ‘birthing the nation’.

The Government really is a giant Orwellian game of ‘Simons Says’ isn’t it? The New Zealand Slave Culture seems to have no limits to its credulity. Governments and their Industry Lords decree that coffee is good for you, no bad for you!

Coffee is deadly. No it’s not again. Now wine kills, now it doesn’t. Now its eggs, now it’s fat, now its sugar, now it’s plastic bags. Now butter is good again. Now Kauri Trees are dying, now it’s Myrtle Rust. Now the government has changed. Don’t worry any more. Now your cows have mycoplasma bovis and Fonterra takes your farms and consolidates its power base…and look it’s cured!**

“Now, thanks to a report written by two women scientists from the office of the Prime Minister’s science adviser, we know all that pain and anguish was based on, to put it bluntly, kaka.”- Oscar Kightley

In this clip from Stuff News, one of those women, Dr Anne Bardsley, looks very uncomfortable as a leader of the giant game of Simon Says. High Science Priest Gluckman looks like a chipper salesman for hire on loan to the Housing Minister. But Bardsley looks absolutely miserable, vexed, literally hand-wringing and pointlessly shifting her glass of water around. Maybe she needs to save some of the water for later in the press interview so she’s got a plausible reason to be able to fidget with it?

Spinning back methamphetamine in the Beehive

Q: What sort of safety calculation has been done, High Priest?

A: We’ve had naked toddlers licking up carpet laced with meth and walked on by meth users to no ill-effects. That’s the sort of safety calculation I’ve had my women reporting on.

Hahaha! Classic government bullshit.

* Notes from my criminology course at University of Canterbury

** The distinction between food and drugs is very superficial. The distinction between how fear about both is used to control the population even less so.

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Ref also. The MethCon meth house scam; Media Whores (2016)

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