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Rotorua Museum

September 1, 2018


Really wanted to visit Rotorua Museum recently but missed out due to this closure. I assume it costs more to staff and maintain than is collected in entry fee so this is a saving. The girl down the driveway minding the store at the thermal pool had so little customers she was doing her ironing on the reception desk!

“Rotorua Museum will be closed for at least the next two years and is losing up to $300,000 a month after it was damaged in November’s earthquake.”

Two years sounds about right. It’ll take the 2019 local body election swindling promises to get it up and running again. Certainly not sensible management or sound economics!

Every [statist] town of any size has its White Elephants.

The excuse of our times (also employed elsewhere such as Invercargill and Christchurch) for shutting them down is “earthquake risk” because, for now, Muggles will believe it. When they don’t, a new excuse will emerge.

Image ref. Me, Nov 2016

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