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The Children of Parihaka (2012)

November 2, 2018


The Parihaka incident occurred on 5 November 1891. Considering it was a State police action it was humanely and patiently carried out and something for which New Zealanders can be proud. It is not remembered that way at all…

“Today in 1881 saw an attack on a pacifist settlement at Parihaka, revisited in documentary Tatarakihi – The Children of Parihaka “- NZ On Screen

No attack was made, there was no need. Simply an arrest, primarily of bullshit artists claiming to resurrect the dead. For years the cultists illegally occupied land and stalked policemen while carrying sticks and clubs. When Te Whiti openly defied the law and the Queen he was too vain to back down and finally ran out of second, third, forth, […] chances.

Two Executive Government ministers rode in, with back up, and defused a tense situation. And everyone thought they’d done very well until, I suppose, 100 years later when this revisionist version of the Good Maori Gandhi comes spinning out of universities.

I like that political leaders in this case did not hide behind their desks but saddled up for front-line personal responsibility. When this White Guilt wave finally runs its course those days will come again.

The film, The Children of Parihaka, is actually quite hard to get hold of. I suspect viewings are restricted to people belonging to the in-group because there are showings from time to time but there’s no general release. The real reason for that, in my opinion, is that the film itself is riddled with inaccuracies which would not hold up to criticism.

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