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The Inflammability of Red Tape

September 18, 2018


Red tape is so inflammable. The little historic Corban’s shed in Henderson, Auckland, reminds me of some other stories since it was smashed this week in February.  New Zealand has a long and glorious tradition of having public records and property burning down inconveniently conveniently.

Would I be quite out of line in suggesting that the serial mystery arsons burning down inconvenient historic and stalemated developments (eg Dave Henderson’s SOL Square, Christchurch; Woods Mill, Christchurch) happen on purpose?

If not, then I also think the conspiracy extends to these pohutukawa trees in Auckland. Why suppose they haven’t been smashed down on purpose? The public consensus process is long and expensive. Far easier and cheaper to just kamakazi an Auckland Transport council truck or two into the tree/s. I certainly wouldn’t put it past them.

“Blockhouse Bay pohutukawa tree hit twice by trucks”- July 2016

“Sol Square fire deliberately lit”

“Suspicious fires continue to plague Christchurch’s historic Woods Mill building”- July 2016

That was back in 2016, how’s that development stalemate going now? Wood’s Mill is finally being developed rather than held up by The State, indeed they are giving away a million bucks to their chosen owner!

SOL Square: As of February the owner, Dave Henderson (top bloke btw) is ready to spend a million bucks strengthening the remains of the building. Back on track after the cleansing fire.

Blockhouse Bay 70yo protected trees…Abracadabra! Long gone now (Ref. image below, Google 2018.) This big tree on an intersection probably did, quite reasonably, need adjusting but all that red tape…easier to have two separate truckpedos plough into it to the point that the State arborist could call it DOA.

Abracadabra! No trace remains

Ref. My earlier post on Woods Mill which has now been given your money for free ($900,000) by The State

Ref. SOL Square, Let’s Go!

Ref. Auckland kamakazi pohutukawa

Ref. Woods Mill mysterious fire

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