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The Stolen: A Brief Review

October 11, 2018


Oh, that was bad, that was hard to watch: The Stolen (2017).

Welcome to a West Coast variously and simultaneously dated as 1860s, 1869, 1870s, and 1882. And, it’s the West Coast gold rush era. And, Suffragettes are picketing in the provincial streets. Go figure that out.

Meanwhile, the evil alpha male of a mining town is going broke trying to sell hotel rooms and alcohol to rich diggers. Go figure that too. So, he treks out 2 weeks each way to burgle and murders a sheep farmer and to ransom his baby to the widow to fuel his vision of founding yet another pop-up West Coast township.

‘Just move on’ say the New Zealand police, acting like murder/death/kill violations happen all the time in this version of colonial NZ. But the widow will not move on, and she wont pay the ransom! Instead, she catches a train that can’t exist until the late 1870s to team up with a 30-year old Maori from the 1820s.

Can this timid woman transform into the English Clint Eastwood on the Wild West Coast before all the disposable male White Knights die violently for her? (Spoiler: No) Will she have enough bank notes to grease the tight palms of stingy colonial New Zealanders who refuse to cooperate otherwise? (Spoiler: Yes).

Not an accurate picture of the historic West Coast to the say the least, or much fun to watch. A more detailed review to follow, here. [already published on FB, here]


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