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Labour Finance Ministers

March 7, 2019


Funny quote about the Labour Party…

“Since..before the party came to power in 1935, some Labour people say that the party has lacked a brilliant financier who was at the same time a socialist.”- Hobbes (1967)

Do I even need to say it?

Intelligence and capability with national accounts is mutually exclusive with socialism! Hobbes’ quote implies this but he doesn’t connect the dots!

Hobbes would not live long enough to see Bill Rowling make a similar train wreck of being an explicit Central Planning twit simultaneous with holding a BA in economics (from Canterbury University too, I think, at that!) The insane socialism clearly ran over any financial intelligence Bill had been instructed in (happy to elaborate further.)

Think about it. Nordmeyer crunched the numbers but upset everyone by being prudent rather than socialist. Roger Douglas too; Could he have been less socialist yet here was a financier on Nitrous Oxide.

Labour’s 2019 Minister of Socialist Finance is Grant Robertson. His qualification is a BA in Student Association politics and being the son of a criminal accountant fraudster.

The moral of the story is that socialism does not work. ‘Brilliant socialist fianancier’ is a contradiction in terms. If one were brilliant, it would cure their socialism. If one were a ‘socialist financier’ in name then one is really a bullshit artist hoping nobody asks to look up his sleeve.*

* note to self- good example of Savage at Invercargill earlier in the book caught out doing this very thing re “costless credit”, p34. These guys don’t have a clue.

Possible exception in Michael Cullen….socialist as heck AND a money man or at least the ability to lead those who are.


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