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1906: Dunedin Railway Station

August 27, 2018


This 1906 railway station was an electoral bribe by central government and completely over the top. It has always far exceeded the local population’s needs and always will.

“Every time I drive past this building I have this thought; how highly did the architect rate Dunedin to want to build something so grand here.

“It’s a reminder to me that we have a rich inheritance thanks to the sacrifice and dreams of others.“- Nick Beadle

Actually, it’s a reminder that we have a lavish inheritance thanks to the involuntary sacrifice of the dreams of others. This was a government project; A state-owned station that invested in soon-to-be-obsolete technology. The Liberals fully intended to nationalise more of the private railway business and would go on to do so.

For such mean ends we are taxed! To the ‘glory’ of the Liberals. It was supposed to be for Seddon but the next Prime Minister, Ward, reaped the kleptocratic rewards. Unlike the Liberals’ ridiculous electoral bribe of a dreadnought battleship, which was turned into scrap, this monument to Statism still stands.

Ref. p120 Goldsmith (2008)
Image ref. Me, May 2018
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