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1919: General Election

February 14, 2019


I think it’s Tokitoki Creek, Portland, at what may be a telephone office/store based on the interesting pole slightly left of centre shot.

Appears to be a photo taken on a fresh water river (note vegetation) from a boat. Limestone Island had a telephone office polling booth on previous occasions but no such river. By the 1919 General Election the cement works had moved to Portland so the staff and their wives can be expected to vote here.

Mr and Mr Conion are standing over the strong box containing the votes, doubtless administering ballots processed in their tent. Bloke sitting in centre of photo holding a sign that the photograph did not capture; Nice try buddy. Next time don’t write it in red?

So my guess: 17 December 1919, Portland. Could be mistaken but it’s a fair go.

Image ref. Brandon‎ to OLD NORTH AUCKLAND / NORTHLAND; Facebook internal group

“I was just wanting to get some help trying to try and date this photo . It is meant to be of my 2xs great grandfather’s siblings don’t know who is who (Conlon family) my guess would be early 1910’s -1920’s ish but really I have no-idea? It’s taken in Whangarei most probably Portland as that is where they lived .

“Even if no one can help date it still one of my favourite photo’s they I thought I would share”

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