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1937: Death of Rua Kenana

February 21, 2019


Rua Kenana died 82 years ago yesterday (20/Feb/1937.) The great Maori anarchist who looks like Bob Marley. By his charisma and Bible wielding, Kenana created a settlement called New Jerusalem in the Urewera Ranges.

These Maoris really showed the world and they were on their way to having their own nation. Kenana’s folk didn’t give a damn for taxes or permission to build or use booze. Nor did they condone the great unnecessary war, WW1. They were very successful and productive with a fine central building.

The state cannot abide self-governing communities. What if this idea should spread? In April 1916 police executed a tactical operation, arresting Rua and stomping out the flourishing community forever.

I’ve got a strong anarchist appreciation for the man and his achievements. Probably this would diminish if I learned more about his superstitious beliefs.

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