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1960s: “Sexist Advertisements”

November 20, 2018


These 1960s advertising attitudes are sexist, claim Newshub in their video…

“A promotion for New Zealand products from 1968 shows us a mannequin that is said to be more convenient than a real life woman.”

“Women of course don’t take fishing seriously, but they seem to enjoy it just the same. More feminine than angling is sightseeing, with its gentle perambulations”

Yet the 1960s announcers are perfectly correct to generalise that women don’t like fishing as much as men.

We know this in 2018 too but have been broken in to a Politically Correct ‘blank-out’ software patch which conditions us to behave as though we don’t know about sexual dimorphism.

Of course this article doesn’t need to discuss or argue for why the content of their video is to be mocked. We’re all so well conditioned they can rely upon it.

Sexism is a form of political discrimination but that has been corrupted in these Politically Correct days. Now ‘sexism’ is supposed to apply to anything that triggers a woman with low self-esteem in fact or in the estimation of a Social Justice Warrior’s hypothesis.

Watch the full video on Newshub

Note: The 1962 segment sounded a bit like historian Kenneth Cumberland

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