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1963: A Kiwi Spring Clothes Peg Dynasty

December 26, 2018


Sunshine’s are the only spring clothes pegs still made in New Zealand. They say so themselves. Since 1963, or earlier, and still going.

Here in New Zealand the clothesline is still in very common use with no stigma attached. I’ve found other parts of the world (eg Canada) where such practises are considered to be a primitive throwback. Instead they use power-hungry driers all year ’round. In my opinion there’s something to a bit of sunlight and fresh air that cannot be replaced by a hot spinning drum in your basement.

The Sunshine Peg Company was founded out of Hamilton in the early 1960s. When I was growing up I saw the distinctive S and assumed there must be pegs out there with other letters beyond the scattered ones I’d come by. I thought they were going to spell something and I’d just been unlucky to keep finding just the S ones! So this image solved a life-long mystery for me.

They’re all S!

That’s that then.

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