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1979: New Zealand State Kills 257 at Erebus

November 28, 2018


Today in History

Back in the 1970s New Zealand’s culture was in a more muscular arc. We were healthy, physical, politically incorrect. We had challenging children’s playgrounds and adventurous recreation. We still had exotic animals and exhibitions and we had scenic flights to the frozen continent: Antarctica.

History repeats and these adventurous days will come again, soon, as an equal and opposite reaction to the low-boundary, loose, permissive, and even promiscuous era we’re living in now. The Physical Culture phase of the 1970s was the antidote to the 1960s Hippy Dippy yet Puritanical phase that resembles the one we have right now in 2018. But all good things must come to an end. The punctuating event for this ending occurred on 28 November 1979.

Crashing into Antarctica’s Mt Erebus

The New Zealand Government Air Service (aka Air New Zealand) deliberately obscured its flight plan alterations prior to taking off. Why did they do that?

The New Zealand flying beurocrats wished to avoid United States Air Traffic Control from lodging an objection to their tinkering. As a result, flight 901 followed its computer flight path directly into the second-highest volcano in Antarctica. Everyone, 257 people, on the plane were killed. Had the Americans at McMurdo Station seen this flight plan of death they would have used their authority to reject it. This would have averted the crash exactly as this oversight supervision plan was designed to do.

The suicide run collision latitude and longitude was instead substituted for the word “McMurdo” to which USA’s McMurdo Station would not complain or un-authorise.

New Zealand Government were pre-emptively telling Americans where they could shove their permissions and advice before air traffic Antarctica could even offer any.

US President Jimmy Carter pities backwater Southern Ocean cowboys

Was The State flexing its muscle and independence, showing off that New Zealand had its own turf? Or was it simply the irresponsible attitudes of a few government cowboys within that State culture? New Zealanders don’t ask that sort of Anarchist question because they wont look past the premise that The State can’t be wrong and doesn’t kill its own people.

Instead, in my opinion, the blame went onto the victim of the State: The people. We were to cavalier. Too adventurous. We needed to stop being outgoing. Hang out heads, become austere, be punished more. We would be, as always, but that is the story of the next cycle of history.

Image ref. nzhistory.govt.nz

Image ref. pressdemocrat.com


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