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1981: Kiwis Bombing Kiwis

February 7, 2019


In 1981 triathlete Erin Baker became a criminal, guilty of launching an incendiary weapon during the Springbok Tour protest. No travel visa for you, no more sporting adventure$$ in America. Rightly so! Throwing bombs is a violent and serious business and she was responsible. Her claim (which I fully accept) is that it was only a harmless smoke bomb and it was handed to her on that hectic day so her ‘in the moment’ reflex was to throw it. That changes nothing as far as I, and the Judge, see it: That was a goddamn incendiary munition.

Kiwis Bombing Each Other

Well then so is this! Police are now issuing fog cannon artillery to dairies and convenience stores. That’s my first point- what the hell has New Zealand come to that we’re arming up our shops with Slave Culture skunk defences? It’s a step toward Mad Max gun-point commercial transactions. How mad does this need to get before we take a step back and take a look at ourselves and what we’ve become?

Sponsored by Labour 6.0

Second point- The Police are distributing $3,750 subsidies to retail shops so they can install these bloody armaments somewhere between the magazines and the reduced to clear, not-for-resale, ex-Pak’n Save confectionery:

“Police would determine which businesses were high-risk by assessing vulnerable, small businesses. Those determined most at risk of robbery were eligible for the subsidised assistance.”

Well that sounds as fair and transparent as the ‘protection’ the (non-uniformed) Soprano Mafia “assessed” certain shops to be. Is extortion not possible if we use terms like “eligible,” “vulnerable,” and “high-risk?” Labour 6.0’s new policy creates a perverse incentive for Police to exclude or include businesses from their protection.

Low Level Crapitalist Scheme

Lastly, who is the fake state-sponsored crapitalist ‘entreprener’ behind this? Police Minister Stuart Nash says “the security supplier had been chosen by police following a “rigorous” process.” So the deal is done. It’s now just up to the trusty media to sell us this travesty using pictures of dead dairy owners and the assurance of the word ‘rigorous’.

My guess: The vendor is probably one of those guys who sold fireworks on the side of the road a few weeks ago. Boom Brothers, perhaps? Seemingly FogCannons NZ Ltd has been plugging away to get a licence to print money from the government for 10-odd years. After Nash’s scheme another, Fog Cannons Limited came in looking for a piece of the action.

The $1.8 million police fund doesn’t seem like much of a corporate ‘crapitalist’ welfare handout. It’s a big deal for the little Fog Cannon peddler, basically a licence to print money and own a big house and flash boat. But  Labour 6.0 and her Ministers need to spin much larger schemes if they’re to acquire any real power or money; Things like Kiwibuild or the Regional Development Fund are some big-ticket scams in corporate welfare disguised (always) as helping the needy. So why even bother with such a middling little scheme?

Labour 6.0 had only just come into power at the time, Stuart Nash only just become Police Minister, so they were hungry for whatever scraps they could get. Poor from fighting an election, they needed to start capitalising on safe, small-time, junk like this while they sorted out some bigger deals. Besides, mouthing off about smoke canons to the Press for a few hours doesn’t take long for Nash, he doesn’t even need to make an appearance on TV or front up to any interview to close this little deal. And, a year down the track it has barely ever been mentioned. Pocket change down the drain, so far as anyone in public life cares.

It is in such careless ways that our culture changes into one where bombing one-another becomes socially acceptable and normal. Paid for and sanctioned by The State- your Kiwi dairy now a fortress with bars and artillery canons aimed at the customer like some dystopic future we’ve come to normalise. If Marty McFly saw this he’d go back in time to change it. The violent Springbok Tour rioters of the 1980s are finding the future they sought.

Image ref. flour bomb, dropped from a Cessna; Stuff

Image ref. Stuart Nash; Beehive Mugshot

Image ref. Nisbet; The Press, 1 August 2005


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