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2009: Cadbury Switched to Palm Oil

November 29, 2018


Since 1930, one of New Zealand’s great brands and tying us back to ‘Home’ in England where Cadbury chocolate was established in 1824. Brands and logos we once had like Cadbury’s were like the standards and crests of our great families going back to Feudal times. These days, more and more, the feudal insignia stamped on us comes from offshore.

“In 2009, the Cadbury Dunedin factory attracted criticism from consumers and local environmentalists when it replaced cocoa butter with palm oil.”- Wiki

Things really started going palpably down-hill for Cadbury chocolate quality after the 2009 ingredient alteration. Lots of people were also sad for the¬†orangutans’ habitat but in particular the chocolate now tasted like lego blocks.

It is standard public relations practise to make something suck first if you’re going to take it away so people wont mind so much. In 2015 the already yucky blocks were made even smaller, then in 2017 Cadbury announced the historic Dunedin factory would be closed for good. In May 2018 the previous factory was bought up by The State to make a new Die While You Wait.

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