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Israel attacked NZ to get to Lorde?

October 10, 2018


A bit of populist SJW signalling is part of what celebrities do when their star is falling. This week it has been Taylor Swift desperately seeking a bump from some political signalling…

Taylor Swift has spoken out politically for the first time, publicly endorsing two Democrats for the upcoming US mid-term elections.

The 28-year-old says events in “the past two years” have meant she’s no longer reluctant to share her views.- BBC News

Swift’s reputation is at a low, unable to fill the stadiums she has booked for her UK concert tour to the point of having to give tickets away for free!

New Zealand’s version of Swift pulled the same political-signalling stunt a year back and for the same reasons; Her celbracy was on the outs so she lashed out-┬ádumping Israel from her tour.

This in turn made Jewish news website, Tablet very angry at Lorde, prompting them to take it out on Colonial New Zealand!

“…these colonialists had neither a historical nor a legal claim to the land.”

Our historical claim is that Cook discovered and claimed these lands for the English.

Our legal claim is that we signed deeds, treaties, and paid significant sums. We entered business partnerships with the New Zealanders who were, in the main, very excited for us to settle here and become New Zealanders too. There was plenty of room for all and the new New Zealanders had a universe to offer. Palestinians and Israelis, by contrast, struck no such partnership but have generations of bad blood and centuries of animosity going back literally to Genesis.

“New Zealand Settlements Act, which enabled them to thieve 4 million acres of Maori land without even the pretense of due process.”

Talk about your Social Justice Lefty Post-Modern Revisionist history readings! Let’s suppose the Maori rebellion and Maori war that led to this “thieving” can be ignored. Does it count for nothing that New Zealanders have been redistributing land, money, radio waves, fish, and other resources to the so-called wounded party ever since and without end? Funny how The Tablet left that bit out, yet perhaps the endless indigenous people’s compensation would allow Lorde to not boycott her own country in good conscience!

(I think the Israeli armed forces are still in a grump about being caught creating fake IDs at New Zealand’s expense a few years back.)

Image ref. Stylecaster

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