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Maoris and Human Waste

November 1, 2018


Right now, waste water is discharged into Akaroa Harbour but the legal consent to do so expires in 2020 and may not be granted again.

The “Environment Court ruling confirmed that Maori sensitivities..means the whole of Banks Peninsula is having to rethink its sewage systems.”- Stuff

Are we to suppose that stone age Maori deliberately refrained from pressurised pipelines of effluent out of cultural reasons?

“Pauling says Pakeha tradition is almost based on water as a cleansing force….. Maori have the opposite view, that land is instead the proper way to purify human waste.”- ibid

Surely it’s that Maoris lacked the volume of waste to dispose of that way as well as the technology to do so? Using land to dispose of waste isn’t a tradition then any more than Medieval Europeans have a tradition of not travelling by air plane. When we have higher technology, we use it.

Given the choice did Maori refrain from fighting and bleeding on the beach? The oral history says otherwise and there’s even at least one story I know of Ngai Tahu crapping on their own shoreline to the extent that an invading tribe fled!

If there’s a history of Maori sailors refusing to crap overboard then I’ll bowel to tradition. Or if it is known of the past or even today that Maori on waka voyages gather up their defecations into a sealed box to return to the land?

Otherwise, surely, this is nothing but a Maori/Environmentalist intersectionalism shake down.

Still no solution and 2020 draws ever closer; “The deep bore injection method is the latest in a myriad of options looked to get rid of Akaroa’s wastewater.”

Image ref. Stuff


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