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Ripped off in Rotorua

October 6, 2018


Rotorua Museum to consign closure to history by 2021


Jokes! In 2006-2011 Rotorua Museum sucked in $$ to extend the building (‘Centennial project’) over 5 years and then…oh-oh…we’re closing it all down because we just remembered earthquakes were a thing!

The above article by Benn Bathgate highly resembles the 2017 one from Benn Bathgate; Both simply mollify a public that is losing its temper. Nothing has actually been done. The actual press release reads ‘Architect Appointed’.

[National 5.0] confident of Crown cash for Museum [on eve of election 2017]

Wake up New Zealand! Politicians are simply leveraging your sentiments that this is “amazing,” “historic,” and a “beautiful building” to drain endless millions of red tape dollars out of you by hook or by crook.


1881 The State creates Rotorua as a town; Maoris get ripped off

1908 The State creates the future museum buildings as a phony baloney socialist hydrotherapy tourist resort

1969 Museum added

2006-2011 Centennial project: The buildings renovated and extended upon at great expense to make sure buildings are still fit for service

2016 The buildings are closed indefinitely as a sudden (opportunistic) revelation on the buildings earthquake readiness not previously contemplated (apparently) strikes. This leads to a whole new round of politiking and ticket-clipping with no end in sight.

Ref. Previous post: Rotorua Museum 

Image ref. AHNZ, Nov 2016

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