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Why some Politicians are Starfish

October 2, 2018


This makes perfect sense to me about the New Zealand paua. All animals, including New Zealand humans, have a different reproduction strategy depending on life’s stress…

“The starfish seemed to stress the pāua​, and they released the spawn,” Walker said. “I’ve been doing it for more than three years now and I’m seeing much bigger stocks coming away in those areas.”- Stuff, 2017

Christchurch Quake Babies

Human mothers deliver babies prematurely under stress too. There is a cohort of young boys and girls in junior primary schooling in Christchurch who were “Quake Babies,” delivered early when the 2011 earthquake rattled their mothers.

We are also prone to society-wide stress attacks rooted in the physiological lattice. Depending on the national character of the times this switches us into getting tough and vigorous or else freaking the hell out. If we freak out then markets fall, we become cautious and pessimistic such as the 1929 great crash and the Depression which followed. Some our our grandparents today are still hoarding buttons and junk, and cautioning kids not to rip into Christmas presents so the paper can be used again.

Due to the rise of the Welfare State we are more likely to be switched into freaking out. Being taken care of ‘cradle to grave’ leaves us soft, lacking personal responsibility, thus when ‘Winter Comes’ we down-regulate into shock and pannic, become angry and fearful, anxious. This culminates, at worst, in political terror such as Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Political Starfish Exploiting the Paua People

Off the top of my head, some of the New Zealand political leaders were Starfish exploiting we the Paua People. Grey, Stafford, Vogel, Seddon, Massey and Ward, Savage and Fraser. Since then our Machiavelli Masters have used more delicate instruments so we’re due for another attack any time soon.

ps Oddly enough, an unlikely DC comic supervillian is Starro, an actual giant evil space starfish

pps This stress-induced cortisol bath is exactly what is used in New Zealand Army Basic Training and in our Special Air Force to psychologically abuse recruits into becoming effective soldiers. See the start of the film ‘300’ for how it worked for the Spartans. That’s what you get if the stress switch is used on tough people; When the going gets tough the tough get going but the weak elect Hitler


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