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1881: Bloodless End to the Affair at Parihaka

November 5, 2018


Today in history: 5 November, 1881: ‘Members of the Armed Constabulary preparing for the march on Parihaka’

The Parihaka terrorist cult had been building for about 14 years and was becoming a serious danger. The New Zealand Parliament was called early in 1880 to try to solve the growing crisis. Finally, in November 1881, the armed insurgents were met with overwhelming martial force to the point where the ringleaders had no choice but to go quietly.

Read this Parihaka story in just about any other contemporary (to ourselves) source though and it’s very different. This clipping doesn’t prove contemporary history is wrong but it is evidence that the received history of the people who were there and the multitude primary sources has been revised.

“to arrest the chief Te Whiti and those of his followers who have been illegally fencing the roads build throughconfiscated land and in other ways obstructing and molesting the settlers.”

“Ministers of Lands, Mr Rolleston, and the Minister of Native Affairs, Mr Bryce. The former was on food while the latter was mounted on a white horse.”

No revisionist history in this clipping! I’m only sorry I can’t easily find the date or the publisher.

Source: Anarchist History Archives newspaper clipping, unknown Nz newspaper. 1960s

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