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Maori Frozen Food?

March 11, 2019


Countdown supermarket’s frozen food section, as others, has been translated into Maori. Banning plastic bags (later became law anyway) and behaviour like this is simply the supermarket branding themselves to the current Victimhood Culture majority. They’re not causing the strange cultural phases we go through, just acting as a multiplying effect for it. Countdown, in particular, are falling over themselves to be Social Justice Warrior Goodie Two-Shoes. ‘It’s all utterly insincere smoke & mirrors,’ I agree.

Anyway, I was curious about what the Maori term for frozen food section might be so I reverse-translated it to the following..

“Bugger, this is annoyingly cold over here!”

Tell me I’m wrong!  

Anyway, I always find it very ‘paka’ that words have been strung together in such unnecessary duplication. That there are words in Maori for ‘library’ and ‘frozen food section’ are a silly anachronism these days. In our colonial past it made some sense because Maori language and English transliterations were created to accommodate the Maori’s limited ability to pronounce the full range of human speech. These days I wish they’d just give it a rest.

Paka- bugger! – an expression of annoyance or anger
Tio- piercingly freezing cold

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